The Wine Hustle Series | Alpana Singh, Master Sommelier, Restauranteur and Host of “Check, Please!"

I first heard Alpana Singh speak in June at the Welcome Conference in Lincoln Center. Her hustle was palpable and her story of personal “terroir” was galvanizing. So much so, I had to dive deeper. Her story of exploring change and pushing through fear, all the while becoming the youngest women to pass the final level of the Master Sommelier exam at the age of 26 is simply, incredible. Needless to say, I reached out to Alpana to find out more and the below is extraordinary. Grab your notebook, because there are a lot of motivational lines to add to your mantras!

Wine different. | A Manhattan Wine Club for the Voyager!

From Plated to Stitch Fix to FitFabFun boxes, box of the month clubs are continuing to be hyped and innovated, bringing new products conveniently to your door. They allow you to experiment and try out (and on) new things that you wouldn’t necessarily purchase, are hard to find or didn’t know you needed!

Following suit, wine clubs are starting to become more and more popular due to delivery convenience and the element of surprise. Now you are able to experience a wine straight from your favorite Napa Valley Vineyard in the comfort of your NYC home! While the vineyard to home concept has been around for a while, small start-ups and even wine stores are starting to adapt to the “box of the month club” culture giving us winos more of a reason to explore the world of wine outside of our go-to.

5 Rad Rosés for Summer 2019: Not your Grandmother's White Zin

’m under the impression that rose is starting to get a bad rap again but for a different reason. While once thought of as an unpleasant, extremely fruity, cherry hued zinfandel now associates with the lightest possible wines on earth, tasting like flavored water or quite literally “Summer Water” (not to be associated with the brand “Summer Water” but in a general sense). So here’s to keeping rosé simple and bringing it back to a happy medium. Below are some Rad Roses for Summer for those who want a little something more.

Playdate Wines

Playdate (noun): A date and time set by parents for children to play together.

In my opinion, playdates are not only for the kids to run around freely living their best lives while working on their social skills and development but also for the adults to mix, mingle and have “adult” conversations in a relaxed environment. (insert Billy Joel’s Piano Man line – “And forget about life for a while”). Within this relaxed (and contained) environment it’s only appropriate to add some delicious wine to the mix – am I right? This is why I’m dedicating an article fully on “Playdate” Wines! 

The list below has been carefully curated based off of specific criteria (that I made up) consisting of: simplicity, quality + fun factor. I thought it would be helpful to outline the perfect wines to bring with you in various situations you may find yourself in such as those Sunday afternoon playdates when Sunday anxiety creeps up OR when your kids are besties but you’ve never met the other moms!  This is your mid-2019 off the shelf guide to playdate wines!

My Piedmont + Tuscan Fix With La Spinetta Vineyards

iedmont and Tuscany (Piedmonte and Toscana if you want to go all seductive Italian on me) are Italy’s most prestigious wine regions. It would be remiss of me if I did not delve into these old world regions seeing as they are some of the best wines in the world filled with rich history.

Aside from the production of stellar Italian wines, I felt a calling to dive deeper into both areas because of a single producer - La Spinetta. I’ve been admiring them from a far through their passionate and authentic social media posts and their 2017 il Rosé di Casanova, which I refer to as having a strawberry sour-patch kid finish! Although, I have yet to visit, their heart and soul through viticulture and the human hand behind these wines is prevalent at first sip. Sustainability at it’s finest my friends.

Work and Wine… Can You Pair? Not Anymore…

Why now are workers hesitant to order a single glass of wine to pair with their lunch? Why is it so frowned upon to have a glass of Fume Blanc or Pinot Noir with clients at noon? Is it an etiquette thing, functionality, act of fear or is it simply that over time this concept has been placed in a time capsule where we will be forever indebted to movies and our father’s stories. It has me thinking, what would happen if I was out to lunch with colleagues and ordered a glass of wine…? (nail biter)

The Wine Hustle Series | Ariel Arce of Niche Niche (and then some)

Ariel, a native New Yorker with an epic cool-factor, is known for her love for bubbly and has some incredibly unique concepts under her belt, Air’s Champagne Parlor and Toyko Record Bar to name a few. However, her latest project immediately took hold of my soul (and guess what, I haven’t even been yet). I’m hesitant to even share this with you because reservations are already ‘NYC tough’ and I need a table here every weeknight! I am thrilled to introduce to you the new (as of March ‘19) Niche Niche, a dinner party concept featuring a different wine host every night of the week. Just how I was drawn to Niche Niche, Ariel’s energy and motivation is insanely palpable. So grab some Cristal and get ready to feel fucking awesome!

Holiday Tree Tutorial + Wine Pairing!

Dust off your finest crystal, stock up on hot coco, grab your favorite bottle of vino and pick-up (or cut) your holiday tree to celebrate the most festive time of the year! Easy as that, right? WRONG. The tree is my biggest challenge. Not the making the trip to my local vendor on York Avenue part but figuring out how to start decorating. I’ve literally been giving it a Charlie Brown “confused” face whilst drinking some bubbly for a week not knowing where to start. I took to instagram for holiday tree inspo and stumbled upon Holiday Workroom (our holiday savior). Here is their story + holiday wines to pair!