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Playdate Wines

Playdate Wines

Playdate (noun): A date and time set by parents for children to play together.
— Merriam-Webster Dictionary

In my opinion, playdates are not only for the kids to run around freely living their best lives while working on their social skills and development but also for the adults to mix, mingle and have “adult” conversations in a relaxed environment (insert Billy Joel’s Piano Man line – “And forget about life for a while”). Within this relaxed (and contained) environment it’s only appropriate to add some delicious wine to the mix – am I right? This is why I’m dedicating a post entirely to “Playdate” Wines! 

The list below has been carefully curated based off of specific criteria (that I made up) consisting of: simplicity, quality + fun factor. I thought it would be helpful to outline the perfect wines to bring with you in various situations you may find yourself in such as those Sunday afternoon playdates when Sunday anxiety creeps up OR when your kids are besties but you’ve never met the other moms!  This is your mid-2019 off the shelf guide to playdate wines to make your lives a tiny bit easier.


Ramona Grapefruit Wine Spritzer ($20 - 250ml x 4)

For those instances when your kids know each other better than the moms and you need a certain pep in your step, insert a can of Ramona filled with organic Sicilian Zibibbo grapes to give you enough ZIP to ZAP the awkward first mom meeting right out of the room! Don’t forget a fun straw + husbands (for a ride)!

Tipp Rambler Sparkling Rosé ($28 - 187ml x 4)

For those sunny Sunday Fundays with good friends (and husbands) with not a care in the world because you’re sipping on some quality 100% Pinot Noir California sparkling and know you’ve started early and will be in bed by 830p!

Skinny Bkinny Light White ($19)

For those post workout playdates with no time to shower! You are in good hands with this easy yet tastefully refreshing low calorie, no sugar added white. Did I mention easy access with a screw off cap!

Grochau Cellars ‘Commuter Cuvee’ 2017 Pinot Noir ($18)

For those Sunday late afternoon playdates with your besties to rid away all Sunday anxiety. Sustainably farmed and organic, this luscious red fruit with a hint of spice will add a certain Zen to your Sunday.

2012 Metodo Classico Contratto Millesimato Pas Dosé (Spumanti / Sparkling) ($27.99)

For those quick 3pm Saturday ‘happy hour’ playdates knowing you have to rush to get home to get ready for the night. A lovely Italian sparkling filled with almond and freshness to serve as your playdate aperitivo.

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