Wine Review

Swanson Vineyards "2007 Alexis"

2007 Alexis
Vineyard: Swanson Vineyards
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon 
Region: Oakville, Napa CA
Year: 2007
Price: $59
Retailer: I found a few left at Benchmark Wine Group

“Swimi, Swammi, Slippy Slappy, Simmons, Somens, Swenson, Swanson?” Yes that’s it, Swanson – and you will never forget it.

Just off of highway 29 on a dirt road there is a little place called Swanson. Much more than just a ‘winery’ Swanson is an experience that I discovered about 6 years ago (I feel old) when looking up ‘boutique’, ‘elegant’, ‘charming’, ‘unique’ vineyards in Napa. It is a truly magical place and a nice change up from other blockbuster vineyards in the area.

I could go on and on about the winery, but you just need to visit yourself to experience it’s true magic of caviar & chips, silver platters, victorian chandeliers and their stunning take on RED. Instead, let’s discuss this very special bottle of the 2007 Alexis Cabernet Sauvignon we opened up over the weekend. We usually try to open up a nice bottle and have it be our ‘weekend’ wine, if it lasts that long ;). 

I think this was our first trip to Swanson and first Alexis bottle purchased so of course when we popped it open this weekend the cork broke (whoops), but it still tasted heavenly. I described it on my insta story as tasting like a delicious bar of dark chocolate with dark cherry hints, but to be fair it was more like I was biting into a dark chocolate bar and bursts of dark fruits came pouring our from the inside (just to be a little more descriptive). In that moment, I felt that if this was the last sip on earth, I’d. Be. Ok. With. it. Ok, slight exaggeration but I think by now you get my love for this wine.  What makes this wine so special and so 'signature' is that it’s made up of 90% Cab Sauv and 10% of Merlot (The Clarke Swanson Special). Meaning? It has a surprisingly smooth finish as opposed to super bold with lots of tannins like some of the other cabs where you are just dying over a piece of cheese or a filet to cut the harshness. So needless to say, while a food pairing would make this wine even more exceptional, it is truly remarkable on its own, which not all Napa cabs are.

Finally, bring this wine to your next dinner party of four and wrap it up in  The Avant-Garde Réserva wine tote to make a dramatic entrance with this exceptional wine.