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Gettin' Lucky with @roseseason

Gettin' Lucky with @roseseason

We all know that roses and rosé are a way to a girl's heart on Valentine's Day so we've partnered with instagram famed Sarah Billstein from @roseseason to see what fabulous things she is doing to get busy this Vday! 

1. How did you start your wine journey through Rosé Season?

I started Rosé Season in June of 2014 on my way back from the Hamptons one weekend.  The joke of the weekend was "it's rosé season!" as rosé was literally everywhere I went.  However, it was quickly apparent to me that this was not a joke, and rosé season was more than just a fad - it is a lifestyle.  I saw a huge opportunity to spread the word and make it a thing, and it is happening.  I have grown my follower base by over 700% in the last year, with over 15K followers across all social media platforms and continue to see increased engagement.


2. In three words, describe your love affair with wine (or rosé specifically)

Rosé all day


3. What are the top 3 rosé’s to gift to impress this Valentine’s Day?

1.  For a fabulous Provence rosé, I would go with Chateau D'esclans Rock Angel rosé.  This is the same winery behind the ever-so-popular Whispering Angel.  Choosing this over the more commonly known option would show me there was thought that went into the selection.  And, this is my personal favorite of the Chateau D'esclans collection.  

2.  If you want some bubbly and are willing to splurge a little, there are some great rosé champagnes out there.  I choose Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque rosé.  As a gift that keeps on giving, you can re-purpose the bottle as a vase - with one of your roses from Valentine's Day of course.  It's too pretty to throw away!

3.  If you want to support a good cause as well as enjoy rosé, I choose ONEHOPE's El Dorado rosé.  They donate a portion of their proceeds to a variety of charities, and each bottle is affiliated with a different cause.  I end up feeling guilty that I didn't buy one of each!  But you can't go wrong with supporting ovarian cancer, which is where your money will go with this rosé.


4. Where are you dining this Valentine’s Day?

That is a GREAT question.  Currently accepting offers from the highest bidder!  Come on guys, don't be shy... :)


Now for some quick fire ‘speed dating’ questions!

1. Salty or Sweet?

Sweet.  I have been known to have chocolate for breakfast.


2. Victoria’s Secret or La Perla?

La Perla.  Let's go fancy.


3. Domaines Ott or Miraval?

Domaines Ott.  Sorry Brangelina.


4. Chocolate or Candy Hearts?



5. Boxers or Briefs?

Either - if you look good in them, they'll be coming off anyway.  ;)


6. Light, Medium or Full Bodied?

For rosé, light bodied.  For red wine, full bodied.  (Yes, I love all 50 shades of wine!)


And there you have it. From all of us at winefarer, wishing you a steamy Valentine's Day filled with your favorite rosé’s

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