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Your 2016 (Wino)vation!

Your 2016 (Wino)vation!

To go along with the ‘New Year, New You kick', one of my favorite wine writers, Matt Kramer wrote an inviting one pager that will make you want to expand your wine horizons in the New Year. I smiled, was stimulated and felt the immediate need to share highlights from “Is This the Year That You…?” to inspire you to make a vow and make things happen in 2016.

“…Decide that higher cost doesn’t equal better wine?”

There are so many reasonably priced wines in the market today that still maintain the same quality as higher priced wines - Kramer suggests that these wines are the “game-changers.” Key descriptors to look for? Technology, Diversity, and Abundance

So what does that mean exactly?  

Technology “now ensures that pretty much every wine from everywhere else is well-made.”

Diversity “means that wines now come from every imaginable country, district and climate – and often they’re really good.”

Abundance shows that “more producers keep emerging!”


“…Finally start a wine cellar?”

How timely, as Kramer suggests scoring a quality/affordable wine is possible!  Compile wines from your trips to Napa, Italy, Oregon, Washington and start that much sought after wine cellar!


“…Raise your wine game from “comfort” to “challenge”?”

I couldn’t agree with this more!  Through my wine journey, I have had the opportunity to meet winemakers and try a variety of wines from around the world.  I’ve gone from having a “Go-To Wine” to forgoing my ‘go-to’ (even when I’m lazy) and popping open a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir or a Tempranillo from Spain.  That’s the beauty of wine, isn’t it?  Stretch your knowledge in wine and try something new and remarkable in 2016.  Kramer suggests to “look to grower Champagnes, unusual grape varieties and emerging wine areas such as Hungary, Ontario, Tasmania, and newly revived spots such as Spain’s Ribeira Sacra, France’s Languedoc, and Sicily.” 


 “…Dine at home just a tiny bit more formally?”

Living in a New York City apartment, I am most definitely a culprit of keeping china and crystal we’ve received as wedding gifts in their gift boxes collecting dust pleading to only open them when we have a house where we can gracefully display things. But why!? Why not treat yourself once a week and take the time to have a meal on your finest china and your heaviest crystal and enjoy what you have– a beautiful home-cooked meal and an exquisite glass of wine.  Kramer suggests, “There is something to be said for just a skooch of dining formality in today’s rushed, crushed, gotta-go world.  It’s good for us, and surely so for our wines.”  Well said Matt, may we all dine a little more formally in more ways then one in 2016!


“…Stop fretting about when a wine is ready to drink”

I too, have many bottles just sitting in our wine fridge, waiting for the right ‘year’ to be pulled out.  But let’s face it; no ‘year’ will ever be the right year to pull out the right bottle at the right time.  So why wait? To Kramer’s point, “Buy interesting wines.  Store them in a cool space for up to five years. Then pop and pour.” I may just go pull out our 2007 Alexis Cabernet Sauvignon from my favorite winery Swanson Vineyards.


“…Start pulling the corks on all those special-occasion bottles?”

My parents still have their champagne from when they were married in 1971 and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from when my brother was born in 1981! That says it all right there. The more we wait around to open those ‘special’ bottles, the more time passes by where we rarely find that special occasion to open them.


So, when all said and done, come Friday night, I’m reaching for our gold rimmed champagne glasses, popping the bubbly and wrapping it in our Chic Chablis wine bag to keep the cool inside to celebrate LIFE!

Thank you Wine Spectator and Matt Kramer for a thoughtful and inspiring read on this wonderful Sunday evening.





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Gettin' Lucky with @roseseason

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