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The Wine Hustle Series | Alix Peabody of Bev California Canned Rosé

The Wine Hustle Series | Alix Peabody of Bev California Canned Rosé

Her start in the wine biz is not what you would expect. Wine became her motivator, her savior. She cashed out her 401k and bought 300 gallons of rosé and let fate do the rest. Now she is growing a cult like following with her quality canned Californian rosé. Read on for my interview with this bad ass Bev Babe Alix Peabody of Bev Rosé and get motivated!


Website: Bev Rosé | Instagram: @drinkbev

Alix Peabody

How did you get your start in wine and what was your initial inspiration? 

My story is very different than most people in wine. I was having life-altering health issues and had to come up with cash for medical bills. I was trying to figure out ways to come up with cash quick, so I started throwing parties in the San Francisco area and charged people for tickets. Everyone was always drinking rosé but the major problem was that the glass would break by the pool, and then you have to drain the pool, and it gets expensive. That’s where the genesis of the idea came from, that we should put wine in a can. Specifically rosé because who doesn’t love something a little pink and bubbly?Being in the Sonoma/ Napa area, I quickly met my wine supplier (on Hinge.. lol), cashed my 401k and bought 300 gallons of rosé. 

My initial inspiration was building more of a brand, rather than a product. I was addicted to bringing people together in a fun, yet empowering way. I wanted a brand that speaks to women and the men who support them, who strives for unity and equality over sexualized drinking, socializing, and having fun. 

“We aim to support women through a purpose driven strategy that uplifts while facilitating a community and a movement Made By Chicks.” 

Rosé in a can & a brand that supports women empowerment #bevbabe!? Sounds like my kind of ‘roadie’! So I am dying to know... how did you come up with the concept & name for this fab Californian Rosé? 

We were brainstorming a bunch of different names and one of my friends wrote down “Project Bev” on the top of a paper. We must have went through 100 different names but kept saying “Project Bev” for everything, so it just kind of stuck. 

I really wanted the brand to have a real personality. Bev is like your best friend, someone you know and you’re comfortable with :) 

What is your favorite part of your job? 

My favorite part is inspiring my team, friends, sisters, neighbors, heck- all women- to be the badass they are. I heard so many times “you can’t” and I want women to know they can. It’s been amazing building Bev as a female-run alcohol brand and seeing the community resonate with what we stand for --- “We aim to support women through a purpose driven strategy that uplifts while facilitating a community and a movement Made By Chicks.” 

What is the best advice anyone’s ever given you? Do you have a “mantra” you stick to? 

Best advice: "the hardest conversations are always the most important ones" and "strategy is about all the things you DON'T do"
Mantra - the only way out is through 

At WINEFARER, we love hearing about the unexpected journeys that stem from wine. Can you share your favorite wine journey with us? 

My whole life these days is a wine journey! The people I've met, my teammates, the mission that we're building wouldn't be possible without rosé... It's a journey every day so it's hard to choose one! 

It seems like you love wine as much as we do, in three words, describe your love affair with wine? 

Pink, bubbly, and FUN 

Finally, what advice would you give entrepreneurial spirits who want to start their “wine hustle” but are hesitant to take that leap? 

Two things: First, don’t be afraid to be a woman in the industry. It’s really male dominated and in a lot of ways that is helpful. People are excited to work with us. We really bring a fresh eye that has historically not had it. Harness that energy, don’t avoid it. I think people are excited about change in the wine industry. 

And the second thing, this isn’t just for a woman, this is for anyone, make sure that you totally commit to your project, business, company. The wine world is so regulated and there are obstacles you didn’t know existed before you started. Around every corner is 10 new hoops to jump through that you didn’t even know were there. It’s all workable and doable, just don’t give up. 



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